William McCarthy launches his solo career with “Time Ain’t Always By My Side”

William McCarthy (Image © Graham Binns)

William McCarthy, formerly lead singer of Augustines, today launched his solo career with his first single “Time Ain’t Always By My Side.”

McCarthy started a crowdfunding campaign through Patreon in the months after Augustines’ final gig last year, and has been working towards releasing his first solo album, from which Time is taken.

The new single showcases McCarthy’s trademark vocal style — vulnerability and fragility in the verses followed by powerful from-the-heart emotion in the choruses. The single’s sound is a departure from Augustines’ typically guitar-driven tunes; instead, McCarthy is backed first by a lone piano before being joined by a full band. The overall vibe, courtesy of producer Eric Sanderson, is that of a man reminiscing about the passing of the years over a few throat-crunching whiskies in an Irish bar. Those who saw McCarthy’s solo tour, Journeys, Maps, Stories and Songs, last year, will be familiar with his nature not only as a balladeer, but also as raconteur.

Overall, Time Ain’t Always By My Side is a strong showing from a man stepping out into the world of full-time solo musicianship. If it’s anything to judge by, the full album will be worth the wait.

Time Ain’t Always By My Side can be streamed or downloaded for free from williammccarthy.org.

Graham Binns

Graham Binns is a music photographer, writer and artist, as well as being the co-founder and chief beard-keeper of Are We Alive?.