Looking for writers and photographers for festival season 2017

Greetings, Alivers!

We’re just getting back from our New Year break and starting to get everything back up to speed at Casa AWA. Expect more reviews, photos and interviews to come as we continue our mission in 2017: to bring news of the bands that need to be heard to the folk that need to hear them.

Are We Alive? Needs You!

As ever, the British summer festival season is going to be massive for bands both small and large. Are We Alive? needs writers and photographers in order to be able to cover the festivals around the country.

If you’re a writer or a photographer and you want to work for Are We Alive? over the summer, fill in the form below so that we can check out your work. We’ll try to match you up with festivals that suit your location or your preferences, but it’s strictly first come, first served, so get your names in early!

Writers: Please provide us with a link to samples of your work — short form articles are best, since that’s what we’ll be asking you to write for us.

Photographers: We need to see evidence of your live music chops. Provide us with a link to your portfolio or website so that we can check you out.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

~Team AWA

Graham Binns

Graham Binns is a music photographer, writer and artist, as well as being the co-founder and chief beard-keeper of Are We Alive?.