LIINES: Disappear // Be Here


LIINES new double single Disappear // Be Here showcases once again why the three-piece are considered to be one of the most promising upcoming bands on the post-punk scene.

With thrumming bass lines and deliciously minimalistic drums overlaid with simple, crisp guitar and vocal arrangements, Disappear // Be Here features a band sampling lightly from several influences.

The raw vocals and deliberately dissonant accents of Disappear give the song a heart-fluttering intensity, whilst Be Here provides a shout-along chorus. The two songs are different faces of the same coin, dark and bitter, made sharp by their simplicity.

By keeping it simple, LIINES extract the maximum amount of power from their songs. The anger in both tracks is palpable, and the tunes are sure to be a live favourite.

A double-A of tracks Disappear and Be Here, produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Stereolab, Placebo, Elastica), will be available digitally and on limited coloured 7” vinyl on October 28th 2016.

LIINES will be on tour to coincide with the single release, with a much-anticipated homecoming gig at Aatma, Manchester, on November 26th. Tickets are available on the LIINES website.You can also find the band on Facebook , Twitter and on Soundcloud.

Here’s the video, released earlier this week, for Disappear:

Graham Binns

Graham Binns is a music photographer, writer and artist, as well as being the co-founder and chief beard-keeper of Are We Alive?.